The sharpest skills in healthcare data

Data capture, data preparation, algorithmics and embedding

We believe in the power of healthcare data to

improve citizen health

Skilled data scientists and information engineers

The healthcare data being collected in Denmark, have the potential to transform the Danes into the most healthy people in the world. This belief has been fuelling ENVERSION since our founding in December 2009. The quality and amount of data collected on individuals in Denmark is unique. It just takes the right skills and the right tools to extract life and money saving knowledge. ENVERSION brings these skills and tools to the market.

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ENVERSION A/S was founded in December 2009. We design, build and implement decision support systems dedicated the healthcare sector in Denmark.

Today we help the Central Denmark Region and The North Denmark Region processing huge amounts of healthcare data from electronic health records, laboratory systems, patient administrative systems. We secure that knowledge becomes easily available for doctors, clinicians, researchers and decision makers.

Our growth strategy for 2016-2019 is agressive and our main focus is to create intelligent IT-solutions for data-driven decision making. 

Our toolbox contains the newest data-science techniques: Machine learning, data mining, text mining and operations research. We use development tools like for instance: Microsoft SQL, SAS, R, Python, C#.

ENVERSION is the designation for a process and value chain with 4 steps: DataCenter, FactCenter, AnalysisCenter and ValueCenter. Those 4 steps united make up the ENVERSION HealthCenter: Our promise to extract life and money saving knowledge from data, which are already today present in the operational systems.